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Daniela Lavagnino 

     My passion for creating wine barrel art was ignited in 2010, while working for Écluse Wines, a boutique winery in Paso Robles, California. Soon after, I founded Purple Thumb Notions in 2013. Working at this winery really helped me understand and appreciate how elaborate and artistic a wine barrel truly is. This somewhat cumbersome solid oak vessel, fastened with galvanized metal hoops, plays an integral role in such an amazing outcome - wine! Sadly, after just a few years, the barrels often become retired. I saw these solid oak barrels as hidden gems just waiting to be fashioned into enduring artwork as I couldn’t bear the thought of them all going the usual way of used wine barrels – cut in half and made into planters. I found numerous ways to repurpose the barrels for wine lovers, art lovers and for anyone that appreciates my rustic, reclaimed pieces!


     Each Purple Thumb Notions is repurposed and handcrafted by me. My passion for art and creativity has led me to create many original, one of the kind pieces, always thoughtfully crafted and designed. My handcrafted creations can decorate your home, garden, business or make special and memorable gifts!



Daniela Lavagnino

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